How Peel Research has helped their clients problem solve complex marketing strategies

Starting with a sound strategy is critical to a successful marketing campaign. Without it, messaging may not get traction with consumers, resulting in expensive consumer communication program that doesn’t deliver.

When Peel Research Partners had to determine which strategy for an awareness campaign was going to get the most mileage for their client, they found conclusive answers that helped a struggling sector improve sales and generate positive changes in consumer attitudes.

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Packaging redesigns are common for brands looking to update their image and invigorate product sales even though this can be a risky move if there’s not clear direction. An office product company was looking to launch a long overdue redesign of product packaging, but Peel Research Partners uncovered some surprising insights in consumer research—findings that not only made the packaging redesign more successful, but also helped the company to understand and address underlying challenges with its branding strategy.


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